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For Counsel and Representation Regarding Spousal Support in Florida, Contact a Lawyer at Revis & Blackburn, P.A.

Even in today's world of gender equality, spousal support and alimony, often figure into a divorce, particularly when a wife has been financially dependent on a husband, or a husband has been financially dependent on a wife throughout the marriage. The family law practice at Revis and Blackburn has established a reputation as a zealous advocate for people going through divorce or separation — whether a client has been a dependent spouse or has been a breadwinner in the marriage.

Contact us to discuss your pending Florida divorce and the potential determination of spousal support with an experienced board certified marital and family law attorney. As is the case with child support, there are a number of factors that family courts take into consideration before ordering spousal support. However, alimony is not set by a formula, but rather, through weighing and balancing these factors with other considerations, such as asset division.

Factors that a family court considers when determining whether spousal support is appropriate typically include the following:

  • Length of the marriage.
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Age of the parties
  • Physical or mental condition of the parties
  • Financial considerations of the family as a whole

Revis and Blackburn is known as a prominent family law firm in East Central Florida. We are prepared to advise and assist you with divorce questions such as spousal support. This may mean that we guide you through negotiations or mediation — or it may mean that we will be called upon to litigate aggressively on your behalf.

Spousal support may be ordered on a temporary basis for the duration of the divorce process. It may then be ordered on a temporary or permanent basis as part of a divorce in one (or a combination) of the following forms:

  • Periodic payments or a lump sum payment may be agreed to or ordered.
  • Rehabilitative alimony may be ordered to help transition between dependency in marriage and independence after the non- wage earning spouse has finished an educational program and/or found a job.
  • Bridge the gap alimony may be ordered to ease the transition from married life to a single income household. When there are young minor children, the courts may determine or agree that it is better for the homemaker spouse to remain at home with the children for some period of time. In this case, spousal support may be considered necessary, and may become one of the bargaining pieces as it relates to asset division negotiations.

Schedule a consultation to discuss any aspect of your pending Florida divorce, including the following:

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http://revisblackburnpa.com 386-868-2396 Elizabeth Blackburn of Revis & Blackburn in Daytona Beach, Florida has been practicing family law for 14 years. Attorney Blackburn helps clients make informed decisions about divorce, custody & more.

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