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Contact a Florida Family Law Attorney for Counsel on Paternity

A paternity action can be a powerful tool to help a father secure access to and rights concerning his children as well as for a mother to ensure that her child's father honors his responsibilities. Questions of paternity tend to arise in situations including the following:

  • Unmarried people become parents and one or the other seeks proof of fatherhood
  • At the time of a divorce, the wife is pregnant
  • A husband believes or knows that he is not the father of his wife's unborn child
  • Before an adoption, when parentage is in question

A paternity action allows a mother or father to initiate a legal process to determine the parental status of the father. Revis and Blackburn welcomes the opportunity to assist either mother or father in these important matters. Our years of experience have given us the skills needed to streamline the process. Allow us to evaluate your circumstances to help ensure that your rights — and the rights of the child in question — are clearly established, and protected by law.

  • You are the mother of a child born outside of marriage and seek child support from the father — and/or benefits from the state such as Medicaid.
  • You are the father of a child born outside of marriage and you wish to assert parental rights, including visitation rights.
  • You have been named as the father of a child — and you wish to determine the truth of the allegations before agreeing to child support (disestablishment of paternity).
  • You, a man in Florida, have broken off a relationship with a woman and wish to be notified if she gives birth — since you suspect that a child born to her may be yours. (Ask us about the Florida putative father registry in this case.)

If you are in need of legal guidance with regard to paternity actions, DNA tests, or fathers' rights and responsibilities in Florida, please contact Revis & Blackburn, P.A. A specialist in the area of marital and family law will help answer your questions.

Fathers' Rights Attorneys

Whether in divorce, or in an unmarried parents scenario, fathers often need advice and assistance to assert their rights:

  • Rights to inclusion in a parenting plan (custody and visitation)
  • Rights to make decisions for the child
  • Rights to a fair assessment and evaluation before child support amounts are determined

Are you looking for a lawyer who will aggressively represent your rights with regard to your role as father, for any reason? Or are you a paternal grandparent seeking advice on grandparents' rights when your son, the father, is unable or unwilling to fulfill his rightful place in a parenting plan?

Whatever your question or concern regarding paternity in Florida, a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer is ready to answer, and help. Contact us at Revis and Blackburn in Daytona Beach to schedule a consultation regarding paternity actions, fathers' rights or any other legal question related to fathers and children.

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