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Child Relocation? Contact a Daytona Beach Family Law Attorney

Whether you wish to move out of the area with your child or your child's other parent wishes to move the child, you are advised to contact a lawyer for advice and assistance. Perhaps you need to move because of a job transfer, for higher education purposes, for financial reasons, or for family reasons such as a need to care for elderly parents.

Are You Looking to Relocate With Your Child?

Talk to a lawyer at Revis and Blackburn to discuss how to seek a child custody or parenting plan modification. There are very specific and sometimes burdensome requirements to fulfill before you can move. A lawyer can help make this process easier for you.

  • If you plan to move with your child more than 50 miles from where you were living when the last custody order was finalized, you are required to notify the other parent in writing of your intent to relocate.
  • The courts will require a formal modification to your child custody order or parenting plan at which time the child's other parent may object to that requested modification.
  • You are expected to tell the other parent and the courts where you are moving and why.
  • If approved, a new parenting plan will need to take into account new responsibilities such as transportation costs and how they will be assessed as well as a new time sharing plan.
  • To obtain a best-case scenario approval of your proposed new parenting plan, you must follow the required procedures very strictly. Knowledgeable counsel from an experienced family law attorney may improve your chances of having a new parenting plan approved.

Are You Objecting to a Proposed Change in your Parenting Plan?

Our firm also assists parents who wish to protest when the parent with whom the child lives most the time proposes a new parenting plan based on intentions to move the child more than 50 miles away. We can help you negotiate with the other parent to make necessary adjustments to the new plan, or if necessary, to contest the modification by filing a petition with the court to bar relocation of the child.

Child relocation cases are never easy. In today's challenging economy, many people find it necessary to broaden their geographic scope as they seek new jobs, undergo home foreclosure, or need to sell a house that has become too expensive to support.

While the opportunity for a better job and other financial factors may be considered a compelling reason for a custodial parent to move, the child's best interests come first when a court is considering parental responsibility. It is the responsibility of the parent who wishes to move to demonstrate why it is in the child's best interests, and how a successful parenting plan that still preserves the other parent's role in the child's life is attainable.

Revis and Blackburn has developed a reputation as one of the prominent family law firms in the East Central Florida area. Our experienced family law attorney is board certified as a specialist in marital and family law and is here to help when modifications to parenting plans and parental responsibilities are at issue. Contact us today.

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