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Florida is a favored destination for many retirees. The state's process for settling the affairs of someone who has died here is straightforward for most people. Revis and Blackburn has spent decades earning a reputation as a prominent law firm in the East Central Florida area and welcomes the opportunity to help families in other states who have probate needs in Florida. We seek to minimize hassles and hasten a successful resolution of the estate administration process on behalf of clients both in and out of state. In some instances we may even be able to resolve your probate issues without your needing to personally travel to Florida.

Contact us to discuss your family's probate needs in Florida.

We are well positioned to answer questions and assist families with probate. In the event that your family decides to hire our law firm to handle probate for your loved one's estate, you may be pleasantly surprised at our efficiency. Our efficiency allows us to create a minimal financial impact to the estate. In the process of estate planning, many people state a desire to "avoid probate." They envision a lengthy, expensive process for their heirs or beneficiaries someday, and seek to put all property into trusts.

While this may be a worthwhile objective for some people, the fact is that nearly everyone — even those who attempt to use trusts for all transfers of property at death — has at least some assets that need to go through probate. Final settlements in a personal injury claim, tax refunds, and other property not specifically assigned to a trust will need to be handled through probate.

Through probate, ownership of a home, bank accounts, and other assets are transferred to beneficiaries when there is a will, according to the will's directives. Our probate attorneys are ready to guide families smoothly through the probate process in Florida whether or not there is a will.

We will be glad to talk to anyone who is in need of an experienced probate lawyer in Central Florida. Contact Revis and Blackburn to schedule a consultation.

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