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For Help with Incompetency Proceedings in Florida, Contact an Attorney at Revis & Blackburn, P.A.

If your family has reached the conclusion that an elderly or disabled family member in East Central Florida is unable to effectively look after their own interests and requires intervention, our law firm can help. Revis and Blackburn welcomes your inquiry.

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Asserting Incompetency is a Difficult Decision and a Difficult Process

To begin with, you will need to file a petition to determine incapacity. Processes and filing requirements are often complex and challenging for a lay person to perform to the satisfaction of the court. Probate lawyers of Revis and Blackburn have years of experience handling legal matters such as these and are prepared to guide you and your family through the challenges of petitioning to have your family member declared incompetent.

With more than 50 years' combined experience and many successful outcomes for families in need, Revis and Blackburn, is known as a prominent law firm in the Daytona Beach area and beyond. We understand the need to keep legal services accessible to those who require our counsel and assistance. We are also acquainted in detail with the requirements of the circuit court that may handle your family member's incompetency proceedings.

No Matter Your Role in the Issue, We can Help

Whether you are an adult wishing to petition the court to determine your loved one's incapacity, or an older or disabled adult who wishes to contest such a petition, contact us to schedule a preliminary consultation. Allow us to share how we can be of assistance during what may be a stressful time.

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