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White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter for anyone. Besides all the other negative consequences of a criminal arrest, professionals such as nurses, engineers and pilots — or people aspiring to such careers someday — may also be at risk of losing or being barred from obtaining professional licenses. Whatever your job and whatever the criminal charges, you are strongly advised to contact a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation if you are under investigation or have been arrested for any criminal offense such as the following:

  • Internet crimes of any kind
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • ID theft

Bookkeeping Criminal Charges

At the law offices of Revis and Blackburn, in Daytona Beach, we have a great deal of experience representing accountants and other professionals charged with "white collar" crimes. In many instances, the charges are for so-called "bookkeeping crimes," whereby someone handling funds is accused of pilfering those funds and "cooking the books" to cover up illegal activity involving accounts of businesses or non-profit organizations.

Attorney John Revis has earned a reputation as a strong criminal defense attorney in East Central Florida. He is experienced in handling white collar crime cases.

Protect Your Professional License or Your Future Chosen Career

You may be a nurse, a doctor, or a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at risk of losing your professional license or being barred from your chosen profession. Criminal charges of any kind may derail your career ambitions. An aggressive criminal defense may represent your best chance at rescuing your academic or professional aspirations after you have been charged with an Internet crime, financial crimes such as embezzlement — or a drug crime.

Seek an Experienced White Collar Defense Lawyer

Contact Revis and Blackburn. The firm has experience in all criminal courts in our East Central Florida area and a strong reputation among the legal community and our former clients. Attorney John Revis is ready to help you navigate the criminal justice system to your best advantage and to swiftly and adeptly deal with a difficult and perhaps embarrassing challenge.

Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys Video

http://revisblackburnpa.com 386-868-2396 Revis & Blackburn handle all ranges of criminal matters from attempted murder to DUI. Attorney Revis prides himself in being a successful criminal defense attorney. Contact us in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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